The Painted Gate

Relax Creatively

The Painted Gate is a place for you to embrace creativity!

Join me as I lead you through a painting brush stroke by brush stroke. I will provide all materials and instructions, but feel free to push the limits and come up with your own ideas along the way!

Please excuse me while I’m working on building my website!

Hosted at the Civil & Military Lodge, 60 King St, across from the fire station in Hamilton.

Open Party $55/person

All are welcome, choose the night you attend on the painting that you would like to go home with! Bring your own snacks or wine.

Private Party $65/person (Min 10 people)

If you are looking to host a group night for a private party please contact me with dates. I can come to your location or you can come to The Painted Gate on King Street.

Click Here for Group Options

International Conferences (Min 30 People)

$75/person + travel + accomodation

Email me at  or find me on facebook at Robyn Hooper