Personal Reviews


Another guest made this beautiful collage!

This is a beautiful photo collage from Nicola Correia!

Here’s her words 🙂



Thank you so very much for the amazing retreat on Saturday. My mom and I enjoyed every bit. You placed so much effort and time into organizing it and making sure everyone felt special. When we walked in, we were so excited to see our name tags by a beautiful plant. It made us feel as if we were welcomed.


We sat down to a delicious cup of lavender tea with biscuits which started off the morning in a calm atmosphere. The room was beautifully decorated with the purple curtains, butterfly flags, and white Chinese lanterns; We felt at peace when we sat down.


You then started off the retreat with some words by Deepak to settle our spirits. I remember a quote of his – “Beyond the place of wrong-doings and right-doings there is a place….I’ll meet you there.” My mom and I were encouraged to leave all worries and fears behind and take the day to just be in the moment.


We were excited when we started making the dream catchers. I have eagerly told some friends about the spider story. I think it is so neat. I would love to make some more dream catchers as Christmas gifts for my goddaughters. J When you worked with us and meandered the room, you made me feel comfortable. Whenever I asked a question, you spoke in such a calm and caring voice, making for an even more tranquil environment.


When lunch time came, my mom and I were most delighted with the healthy array of foods we tasted. We especially liked the wraps!! Mom visited brown and co afterwards and purchased a whole foods recipe book J You have encouraged us to try some more healthy dishes.


In the afternoon, I really enjoyed the talk about reiki with Suzie. I was sooooo excited to win a treatment with her. I cannot wait to try it out. Mom said her favorite part of the afternoon was the free drawing. She said she enjoyed being able to ‘color outside of the lines’ and just enjoy being in the moment. She painted a tree of life and I painted a dragonfly which I added words to that reflected the day – tranquility, peace, hope, happiness, being, etc.


In the end you concluded the retreat with some prizes. That showed even more creativity and caring on your part as you worked hard to make sure everyone felt special.


From the time we arrived to the time we left, we felt accepted, peaceful, and happy. That energy continued into the evening time. Thank you so much for being a caring and peaceful person. You bring light with you wherever you travel.


We can’t wait for the painted gifts workshop on December 3rd!


Have a lovely day.



Nicola Correia